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Every company reaches that point where technology systems are no longer serving the company’s operational needs or start to malfunction due to wear and tear on hardware components. Every piece of hardware or software system will eventually need to be upgraded. 

But how do you go about upgrading these complex systems and what should be improved first? In this guide, we share the right order in which to upgrade your workplace tech.

Focus On Tech That Supports Workflow

Smooth operational workflow is one of the most important aspects of a flourishing business. If your business systems and processes are not functioning smoothly enough then you should start looking into new software systems that can ease the workflow in your company. 

Software systems can vary a lot for different businesses but most companies rely on these aspects to ensure good workflow.

Easy Onboarding

Technology needs to be custom-designed to fit your business needs and should be user-friendly so employees will be more willing to use these systems. It can be good to reconsider the basic apps your company uses for simple work processes, especially since there are now so many alternatives.

Remote Accessibility

Modern workplaces are a lot more mobile thanks to advanced devices like smartphones, tablets, and better internet connectivity. If your employees can only access important business information in your office, it is high time for you to convert to digital systems. With these types of systems, employees can access their information from anywhere and they can easily complete projects from home or even some remote destination.

Workflow Management Software

Workforce management software is a type of platform that lots of businesses use to easily delegate tasks to different employees and keep track of these tasks. With these types of systems, you can ensure that everyone on the team is pulling their weight and it becomes easy to see which tasks are completed, which are still due, and which ones are falling behind.

Upgrade Data and Analytics 

Business managers can benefit a lot from accurate data analytics. These analytics can tell managers whether or not their latest marketing strategies, management strategies, and products are effective or needs to be modified.

If there is no real way for you to keep track of your business performance or the reach of marketing strategies then you should consider upgrading to systems that might provide you with better and easy-to-understand data.

Focus On Hardware Systems

Hardware components like computers, routers, laptops, and other systems usually have a longer functionality period compared to software tech. But your hardware also needs to be updated or they can cause functionality issues like slow internet connections. Here is a quick look at when to upgrade different hardware components;

Computers and laptops – Every four years

Monitors – Every four to five years

Routers – Every three to four years

Phones and smartphones – Every two to five years 

Speakers or sound systems – Likely once every 10 years

Printers – Every three to five years

Upgrade Your Security

Security systems also need to be upgraded regularly. Businesses are currently more vulnerable to cyber-attacks than ever before and these attacks can leave all of your clients vulnerable when hackers gain access to their personal information. It is very important to upgrade your security systems every year.

Upgrade Broadband Connections

Slow and sluggish internet connections and frequent downtime can affect your business functionality, especially if you use cloud-based operating systems. Switching over to faster connections like fibre broadband can speed up many of the processes in your company. Faster and more stable connections can mean happier clients these faster systems can help you save money on business communications since it is much more affordable to communicate via internet connection than phone service providers.

Regular workplace tech upgrades are the key to running a successful business. Contact Ozlink IT if you need to upgrade your tech or if you want to keep your business functioning at its best without spending a fortune on these upgrades. 

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