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At OZlink IT, we‘re specialized in website designing which is not only beautiful but functional. When it comes to designing for our clients, we make sure the design grabs attention, persuade their customers and generates more desired web actions. Our design architects are adept in crafting business specific designs to give your brand a unique look and feel.

We’re based in Melbourne, and our web design and development service caters to businesses all across Toorak, Prahran, Burnley, Armadale, Hawthorn, Kooyong, Malvern, Camberwell, Deer Park, Sunshine, Coolaroo, and Gladstone Park.

Our design will pay you off

Studies show that website visitors spend an average of 5 to 7 seconds on a website. This means, you have only few seconds to convey your brand message. We ensure that your web designs speak it all (what you do? What products you have? How they can benefit the customers?) In those few seconds to successfully transform a casual visit into an actionable web experience.

Our major web design features:

  • Responsive web design:
  • With more people using smart devices in their daily life, creating responsive web design is a must. Our UI/UX designers know the codes right to make the design responsive across different device interface.

  • Effective branding design:
  • A great design can create abuzz about your business. We make sure your branding gets easier with our interactive design concept.

  • Informative and engagement:
  • We have seen a design better works for a business when it looks more informative and engaging instead of ‘corporate stereotype’. We put fresh concepts in every design we do to educate and engage your customers to your brand.

  • Our design Process:
  • Not every website design project is same. And the challenge lies in creating different designs with functional features for same businesses. We work with so many clients with same service and products, but we make sure no two design patterns are same.

For the sake of transparency and uniqueness, we follow very simple web design process-

  • We talk to our clients to identify business goals.
  • After the discussion we get ready for a stellar web design.
  • The designs are developed by our highly-experienced graphic designers.
  • Our developers take the next lead of transforming the design into functional web features.
  • Our content developers set the content in sync with the designs.
  • We run quality assurance testing to make it optimized across channels.
  • The final step is the launch and make it live to the web world.

Design process division:

Graphic Design

Our graphic designers are the one who craft the designs after analysing the business types and prospects. They come out of creative thoughts to represent service and products in lucrative way that easily grab attention to the viewers and compel them to take desired online actions.

Tools that we use for graphic designs are: Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator etc.

Front-end design

Once the graphic layout and designs are ready, front-end designers take the place. They are the people, who make the designs work- actionable and functional by adding content, codes behind the design, and much more. We work on different platforms such where we put the functional design structure to complete the site.

Tools & platforms that we use for front-end designs are: HTML 5, Java Script, CSS3, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal

We believe that beauty is just skin deep. For a business to transform a casual online visitor into a potential customer needs to offer meaningful web journey. This is why creating functional web design is business imperative. We make sure our designs pay you off by targeting your online audience.

Need the design for your website? Please feel free to talk to us at – 03 9020 4549

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