Email Hosting

In today’s fast connecting world, email plays an important role for daily communication. Whether you want to connect with your family in abroad or for your daily official communication, a properly functioning email service is crucial.

OZlink IT offers comprehensive technical support to businesses-small or large. When you choose us for your email management, we make sure your mail is rightly configured and reaching out to your end users on time. Some email services that we mostly work on are G-suit and Outlook.

Our email setup service includes:

  • Email suit setup and installation (Optus, Hotmail, Outlook, iCloud, Gmail)
  • Microsoft Online Exchange Business Emails
  • POP3, IMAP, & webmail accounts
  • Any other email application setup and management

Sometimes, basic email application is not enough for many businesses. They need to opt for advanced email management configuration to avail premium features. We can guide you to get the right setup and manage professional email setup with ease.

Let’s take a look at the basic features of professional business email configuration.

  • Individual email account for every employee
  • Custom email id for every employee can be created such as
  • Email contacts can be synced with calendar
  • You can add more email accounts as the business grows

We have years of experience in dealing with all kinds of email configuration jobs for professional environment. We can offer you uninterrupted email functionality with a scalable setup.

Please feel free to contact us at – 03 9020 4549

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